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Create outstanding personalized banking experiences

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Create better banking experiences

Make banking and payment apps that set you apart. With Powens, you can understand your customers better so you can improve and personalize the banking experience just for them.

Redefine and refine the customer relationship

Create customer journeys that convert

Make it easier for customers to set up and maintain permissions for all their account connections and payments. Powens makes your apps more reliable, always compliant, and with less friction.

Make yourself easier to do business with

Take the pain out of paperwork and get to “yes” faster than the competition. Powens helps speed up the KYC/B and loan assessment processes by collecting documents and proof of resources at the source.

Lift lifetime value

Get more value out of your data. Use up-to-date customer knowledge to personalize recommendations and optimise every cross-selling opportunity.

Open up more opportunities

Access all the financial data you can’t get elsewhere, such as wealth accounts, business accounts, open data, and even crypto platforms. Innovate, address more use cases, and respond to emerging opportunities.

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“The recognized know-how, the ability to evolve its API and the capacity to develop new connectors for our needs convinced us to work with Powens. We are now able to retrieve employee savings data to simplify asset management for our users.”
Patrick Alaguero
Director of Customer Experience Projects - Natixis Interépargne
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