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Upgrade your business software services with Open Finance

Whether you are developing accounting, payroll, treasury, proptech, business finance, or ERP software, Open Finance can allow you to build new value-added products while streamlining your financial processes.

Key points

Better serve business accounts

Gain the same reliability usually reserved for high-volume consumer accounts. Our proprietary access methods with dedicated testing and monitoring ensure your solutions always run smoothly.

Simplify administration

Reduce the operational costs of manual data entry and reconciling transactions with invoices.

Streamline KYB processes

Improve customer knowledge. Reduce fraud. Automatically recover ID and administrative documents from financial and open data sources.

Save money on payments

Create more efficient payment processes including instant, scheduled, variable, recurring, and bulk payments at a lower cost. Pay and get paid easier. Take the stress out of payroll and internal credit transfers.

“We chose Powens for their excellent business expertise, their reactivity, the development roadmap of their API, and their functional coverage. A real relationship of trust has been established between our teams and Powens.”
Cécile Regnard
Product Manager - EBP
Prefooter background

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