Public Sector

Simplify tax payments and reduce the cost of administration with Open Finance.


Streamline payments in the public sector

Every year, government and tax authorities handle millions of payments. Up to 80% of them need to be matched by hand. Errors, fraud, spoiled cheques, and rejected or contested payments are common – and costly to manage.

Not only an administrative burden, it’s a bad user experience too. Card payments may well have made paying taxes more user friendly, but now card fees generate up to half of all transaction costs.

By integrating Open Finance payments, you can reduce administrative overhead, save on fees, and transform the consumer experience.

Key points

Simplify the experience for people and businesses

Make it as easy as the best online shopping experiences for higher completion rates.

Reduce administrative burden

Reduce the operational costs of manual data entry and reconciliation processes.

No card fees

Avoid card commissions, contested transactions, and payment limits.

Less waiting time

Funds disbursed are available immediately to their beneficiaries.

No sensitive information shared

Users don’t need to enter reference numbers or card details.

Secure and regulated

Open Banking payments are fully regulated, GDPR compliant, and benefit from bank-level security.

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