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Build better accounting and payroll experiences

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Empower the back office with Open Finance

Create more efficient accounting and payroll experiences with Open Finance.

Accounting and payroll processes are often tedious and time-consuming. Open Finance makes it easy to retrieve transaction data and initiate payments. It also automates reconciliation, which improves visibility, reduces errors, and saves time and money.

Key points

Best access to business accounts

All our business account API connectors are actively maintained for superior reliability. You no longer need to rely on legacy data exchange or manual downloads.

Simplify data entry and reconciliation

Automate bookkeeping, pre-accounting, and reconciliation. Collect data at the source to save time and reduce errors.

Aggregate documents and open data

Automatically aggregate invoices, agreements, banking coordinates, and company registration data to maintain the data you have on file.

Reduce fraud

Collect open data and company registration data to use in your KYB and fraud prevention processes.

Program payments

Orchestrate payment processes, including the bulk payments essential for payroll management.

Fully-serviced Open Finance

A complete platform to build secure, compliant Open Finance applications. We have 10 years of experience working with service providers and software vendors.

“With Powens' Bank product, we aggregate the data needed to draw up a balance sheet, and we can provide all the company's financial indicators in real-time. The time saved by the accountant is quite spectacular!”
Florent Galland
Co-founder - Dougs
Prefooter background

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