Building the future of Open Finance

When we founded Powens, we set out on a journey to reinvent banking. Along the way, we realized we also wanted to give users control over their data and take financial services to new places. To achieve this, we needed much more than just data aggregation. And we needed to go beyond the PSD2 Open Banking mandate. Powens is a trusted partner to top financial companies throughout Europe. Together, we’re empowering both consumers and businesses while creating the future of Open Finance.


We are a united team around four values


We take initiative and are not afraid to blaze a new trail.


We are dedicated to conquering any problem.


Individuals are at the service of the group.

Striving for the best

Our humility pushes us to become better and better.

Our mission

At Powens, we’re committed to empowering financial players to build better banking and payment experiences. We strive to build Europe’s number one Open Finance platform, so banks and fintech can innovate at light speed.

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Meet the management team

Bertrand Jeannet
Bertrand Jeannet

After an early career spent advising several European fintech on their strategy and compliance with payment services regulations, Bertrand decided to join Powens to experience from the inside one of the biggest revolutions the financial industry has seen: Open Banking/Open Finance.

In May 2021, he was appointed CEO and focused on Powens’ strategy, product, and European consolidation.

Bertrand is a graduate of Montpellier Business School and Eastern Oregon University.

“We are the undisputed leader in Open Finance in France and want to become the European leader. We are convinced we have everything to achieve this: a B2B model proven for many years, cutting-edge technology and deep industry expertise beyond Open Banking, a rich ecosystem of over 200 partners, and shareholders who share our vision.”

Bertrand Jeannet, CEO

Romain Bignon
Romain Bignon

Romain co-founded Powens in 2012 and serves as its President. He is a self-taught developer and the author of multiple open-source software projects. He is notably the leader of Woob
(Web Outside of Browsers), a popular framework for data scraping and website API access. He also created DoctoShotgun in May 2021, which has helped thousands of people book an appointment to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

As President of Powens, Romain is focused on technology and innovation.

“One of the major challenges we are working on is how to create more value from the data we are collecting.”

Romain Bignon, President.

Let’s look at our history

In February, Romain Bignon, a self-taught developer, created woob. This open-source connector library automates interactions with video, news, job search, and banking websites. Fun fact: the first connector was developed for… a dating website!
In January, Clément Coeurdeuil, an engineer at Centrale Supelec school, reached Romain Bignon. His idea is to suggest Romain create a company together to develop a PFM* mobile app by exploiting woob.
On February 27, Budget Insight’s articles of association were filed! The app was then born in a small office within Centrale’s premises.

*Personal Finance Manager, an automatic bank account management app for individuals.
The PSD2 comes into effect intending to regulate the activity of AIS (Account Information Services) and PIS (Payment Initiation Services) providers. Budget Insight becomes a payment player approved by the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution). The company's business thus enters a regulatory framework.
Budget Insight joins the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa group to accelerate its development and expand in Europe. A partner of choice that shares its vision of banking and its founding values: customer satisfaction and employee happiness.
In 2021, Clément was leaving for new adventures. With his new role as President, Romain will direct the strategic choices related to technology and innovation. He will now lead the company alongside Bertrand, the appointed CEO. His role is to define the company's objectives and strategic orientations.
Budget Insight raises $35 million from PSG Equity. This new investor should allow the company to develop new products and significantly increase its European footprint, strengthening its position as a leader in Open Finance.
On October 25, Budget Insight has become Powens.
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