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Whether you’re building a financial management app, developing a financial or HR management solution, receiving payments for your products, in a B2C or B2B business model, or offering new banking or insurance services, we have a comprehensive solutions suite to get you off the ground and ahead of the competition.


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Get fully connected, with full compliance

Expert integration

Our dedicated team of experts can guide you through our integration process, with a connectivity coverage and a conversion rate that surpasses other Open Banking #APIs.

Cross-industry capabilities

Tailored solutions designed to better serve your customers and accelerate your growth.

Personalized services

Armed with comprehensive financial data, offer your customers more personalized and tailored services. This level of customization enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, as clients feel you bring them more value.

With you as you grow

We accompany you at every phase of business development, from early stages through progression, always ready to meet your increased demands as you achieve greater success.

“Our goal at Leano is to help clients obtain the funds they need to ensure the success of their business. Powens has helped us reach that goal through the addition of their Bank solution to our platform. Giving clients several options for both financing and financial planning has made all the difference.”
Luis Leon
Co-founder at Leano
“What my team and I liked about Powens was their unique offering that combined both data aggregation from banks and wealth management. This has given our tool the data necessary to help our users on their financial journey.”
Emmanuel Cresseveur
Co-founder at Arpagon
Prefooter background

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