Property Management

Reduce the rate of unpaid rent and accelerate cash collection.


Automated payment collection.
Real-time payment reconciliation.

Slash time for payment tracking and reconciliation with a dedicated IBAN per tenant and accelerate rent payment by combining multiple payment methods with recurring SEPA direct debit, pay by link card, and account-to-account payment.

Unibo: First Neobank for Commonholds by Unnax, a Powens Group Company



This testimonial is made by a Customer of Unnax, a company of Powens Group

Property management software powered by Open Finance

Improved Cash Flow

Power your software with Open Finance to proactively reduce unpaid rent risk, leveraging early detection of payment issues.

Automated payment reconciliation

Automate and simplify the payment verification and reconciliation process, saving valuable administrative time.

Multi-payment method facility

Accommodate tenant preferences with a variety of payment methods (Direct Debit, Payment transfer, Card), facilitating ease of payment and reducing delays in rent collection.

Easy to implement

Easily provide unique IBANs for each tenant, enabling automated granular tracking and auditing of rent payments.

"Most providers offered AIS but not PIS and there was also a lack of support for account management. Powens offered us an immediate solution for data aggregation with the chance to incorporate additional options for payments. But what really did it for us was the fact that they have stayed in close contact throughout integration to insure that everything is running smoothly."
Federico Gallina
Founder & CEO at FidoRent
"Piloc offers real estate professionals a faster and simpler way to collect and track rent payments, and Powens quickly emerged as the right partner to create an engaging payment path for tenants."
Julian Philip
 Co-founder & co-CEO - Piloc
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