compliance, and

An authorized payment institution 
since March of 2018


A high standard of security and confidentiality

Powens has been an authorized payment institution since March of 2018. We are one of the very first companies to receive this distinction – and our Account Information Services Provider (AISP) and Payment Initiation Services Provider (PISP) license is passported in 30 countries in Europe.


In addition, we are supervised by the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR). Being ACPR compliant under PSD2 means Powens must maintain high security and confidentiality.

A commitment
to data protection

Powens is subject to GDPR regulation and the right to data portability. This enhances individuals’ rights around their personal data.


We keep a close relationship with national data protection authorities, including CNIL in France, to ensure that all aspects of our customer journeys are fully compliant with data protection regulations. In addition, we take special care to ensure that journeys outside the scope of PSD2 are always compliant.

Regulatory leadership

Powens is an expert in risk and compliance, especially when it comes to European regulations in payment services.

  • We ensure strict adherence to legal and regulatory requirements across Europe
  • We help our clients implement and plan for the next generation of regulations (GDPR, PSD2, etc.)
  • We represent our clients and participate in the legislative processes in direct collaboration with the Banque de France and the European Commissions

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