Wealth Management

Get a comprehensive view of investments and assets, plus a deeper understanding of financial profiles beyond regular checking accounts.

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Gain the fullest view of investment assets

Whether you’re a bank, a private bank, a consumer lending firm, an asset manager, a pension savings provider, an insurer, or a trading/crypto platform, Powens enables you to access a greater depth of financial data beyond Open Banking aggregation services. This allows you to offer your clients a complete view of their assets and make more informed investment decisions.

Wealth management powered by Open Finance

Go beyond regular checking accounts

Exclusively access financial data beyond regular checking accounts,, including benefit accounts, mortgages, trading, and crypto platforms.

Give your clients a comprehensive overview of all their financial assets

Help them make better-informed decisions based on clear, consolidated, and up-to-date financial data.

Motivate, retain, and attract talent, helping your employees with their savings and life projects

Recover employee savings data to simplify staff’s asset management.

Innovate, and respond to emerging opportunities

Access all the financial data you can’t get elsewhere, such as wealth accounts, business accounts, open data, and even crypto platforms.

Instantly move funds

Top-up and pay out using direct bank transfers with no delays or fees.

Improve conversion

Make it easy and secure to sign up for financial products and automate recurring payments.

"The contribution of the Powens API to our solution is enormous: it allows the aggregation of accounts and contracts held by the customer with external organizations. Our partnership is based in particular on Powens' technological advance, the quality, reliability and robustness of the API, the permanent evolutions, the innovation that comes with it, and the customer support."
Delphine Asseraf
Managing Director - Harvest

Get a 360° view of ALL your multi-banked customers’ financial products


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Want to access unique data for building unique savings & wealth management apps?

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