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Outstanding personalized banking experiences 


Make banking and payment apps that set you apart. With Powens, you can understand your customers better so you can improve and personalize the banking experience just for them.

Get a 360° view of ALL your multi-banked customers’ financial products


Unlocking better financial profiles for enhanced targeting and comprehensive customer offerings

Enhanced customer insights

Access richer and more detailed financial profiles of your customers. This deeper understanding includes their primary bank accounts and data from multiple financial institutions, offering a comprehensive view of their financial situation.

Precise targeting

Segment your customer base more effectively thanks to better financial profiles. By analyzing various financial aspects such as spending patterns, investment behavior, and asset allocation, they can tailor their marketing and product offerings to specific customer needs and preferences.

Personalized services

Armed with comprehensive financial data, offer your customers more personalized and tailored services. This level of customization enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, as clients feel that you truly understand their unique financial requirements.

Streamlined onboarding

Automate compliance and onboarding tasks, streamlining processes thanks to essential bank identity information access, ensuring reliability, security, and an enhanced customer experience.

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