Innovation in Open Finance is accelerating.
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Today's consumers have more choice than ever. There's always a new application to grab their attention and divert them - and your audience will always be looking for the most convenient, user-friendly experiences.


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In the race to innovate, the future of your company relies on your ability to create and market the best digital financial products. Here’s how to get started.

What do the best apps have in common?

Always within reach

Successful apps are as mobile as your customers. They’re available in-app, in-person at points of sale, and embedded within business processes. This allows consumers and business users alike to access your services wherever they go.

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What do the best apps have in common?

Across categories

Able to cross and combine aspects of traditional consumer and business categories, successful apps are authentically disruptive. Some examples include:

  • Bringing commerce, payments, and retail finance together
  • Blending accounting and administration services with business software and banking
  • Allowing non-banking players to offer financial services and payment solutions
  • Combining communications, commerce, and on-demand travel services with payment and banking services
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What do the best apps have in common?

Composable applications

The more modular your app architecture is, the more responsive you can be to changing business needs. That’s why many apps are built using a combination of proprietary and third-party building blocks—while also weaving in account data and payment services of direct competitors.

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What do the best apps have in common?

Constantly evolving

The best apps are updated frequently, offering new features to keep pace with new market and competitive demands. However, care must be taken to ensure that your app provides the same reliable experience to customers, no matter how much changes on the backend through your updates and maintenance efforts.

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What do the best apps have in common?

Built-in marketing

Great apps offer a service that’s so convenient and frictionless, it markets itself. To achieve this, many apps focus on offering a simple service first, then later expand to payments services, electronic money services, and even offering loans and investment products.

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What do the best apps have in common?

Agile with regulatory compliance

Financial apps are held to a higher standard than consumer or business apps. As a result, your app must be able to adapt to constantly shifting compliance standards and regulations.

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What do the best apps have in common?

Always secure

Bank-grade security is absolutely crucial when building a financial app. This ensures that users’ money and personal data is always safe and secure.

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Architecture is the key to a competitive advantage

Organisations both large and small are creating apps. So what will give you an edge in this crowded market space? Ultimately, your choice of architecture, tools, and partners is the key to gaining a competitive advantage.

The importance of accessing payments and data

When building banking apps, having easy access to payments and relevant account data is essential. Because we provide our partners with superior depth of data services, so there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

In addition to our strict adherence to European and UK standards (PSD2 and OBIE), we also offer access and analysis of data from many other account types that are not covered by the PSD2 mandate. These include savings, investment, benefits accounts, trading accounts, and even crypto wallets.