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For your financial flows, boost your software with real-time bank reconciliation and automated payments and increase customer stickiness with extended functional coverage.

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Real-time bank reconciliation.

  • Access real-time bank & transaction data or provide accounts for automated bank reconciliation.

Automated payments.

  • Increase the functional coverage of your software to pay out supplier invoices or employee salaries & expenses and get paid customer invoices.

Accounting & HR software powered by Open Finance

Automate bank reconciliation

Automate bookkeeping, pre-accounting, and reconciliation. Collect bank and transaction data at the source to save time and reduce errors. No need to rely on legacy data exchange or manual downloads.

One-point solution for payments and cash collection

Continue disrupting the industry by automating payment flows directly from your software interfaces

Provide real-time cash visibility

Always know your true cash position and enable more effective cash flow management and forecasting thanks to accurate, up-to-the-minute transactions.

Automate your processes

Whether you are a ERP, an Accouting or Pre-accounting software vendor, or a HR or Expense management software vendor, benefit from automated payment reconciliation and payment services.

“With Powens, we have access to genuine Open Banking experts. We can at once discuss the specificities of the numerous banking players and go into the tiniest technical details. Since the service delivered to our customers is our top priority, we focus on tracking our users’ connections – one of the main metrics indicating the quality of their experience.”
Jérémie Barbet
Deputy CPO - Agicap
“Banking aggregation is at the heart 
of our business. Bank enables us to retrieve all the transactions we present in our application, and it is our basis 
for automating financial statements. 
By enriching the data retrieved with 
our algorithms, we facilitate the preparation of financial statements.”
Florent Galland
Co-founder, Dougs
““ We have been working with Powens for a number of years. We have recently audited other solutions on the market. These audits confirmed that we made the right choice when we opted for Powens, for several reasons: excellent business expertise, a rapid reaction when a patch is required, the product roadmap and excellent functional coverage. There is a real relationship of trust between our teams and those at Powens."
Cécile Regnard
Product Manager - EBP

Property management software powered by Open Finance

Automate your processes

Whether you are a rent or property management software vendor, a property management services company or a real estate corporate landlord, benefit from automated payment reconciliation and payment services.

Automate rent or landlord fee reconciliation

Automate and simplify the process of payment verification and reconciliation, saving valuable administrative time.

Multi-payment method facility

Accommodate tenant and landlord preferences with a variety of payment methods (Direct Debit, Payment transfer, Card), facilitating ease of payment and reducing delays in rent collection.

Reduce the rate of unpaid rent or landlord fees

Power your software with Open Finance and proactively reduce unpaid rent and landlord fee risk, leveraging early detection of payment issues.

"Most providers offered AIS but not PIS and there was also a lack of support for account management. Powens offered us an immediate solution for data aggregation with the chance to incorporate additional options for payments. But what really did it for us was the fact that they have stayed in close contact throughout integration to insure that everything is running smoothly."
Federico Gallina
Founder & CEO at FidoRent
"Piloc offers real estate professionals a faster and simpler way to collect and track rent payments, and Powens quickly emerged as the right partner to create an engaging payment path for tenants."
Julian Philip
 Co-founder & co-CEO at Piloc
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