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Bank identity checks,


Supercharge customer and supplier onboarding experience with API-based verification of bank account ownership. Less manual operations. Less risk. Better business.

Faster onboarding

Our API eliminates the need for manual data entry and document exchange. Onboarding new customers and suppliers is faster and easier than ever.

Operational efficiency

Save the time spent on low value tasks like handling PDFs. Focus on providing the best experience to your customers.

Reduced risk

Our PSD2 Open Banking API retrieves the ownership data directly from the source (the bank).

Discover Check

Simplify merchant onboarding by automating bank identity checks. As a result, it provides a secure and optimal payment experience.

  • Verify a third party’s banking identity before a transfer.
  • Guarantee the source and destination of funds.
  • Reassure your users.
  • Fight against bank identity theft.
  • Verify payment compliance.

Gain operational efficiency on supplier control with 100% digital bank identity verification.

  • Check the integrity of your suppliers before payment.
  • Drastically reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Save time and money.

Secure payments to your users without compromising the user experience.

  • Verify the banking identity of a third party before a transfer.
  • Fight against bank identity theft.
  • Secure your payments.

How Open Banking automates account checks in 5 simple steps.

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Security & consent

We take your users by the hand by building trust and making sure they give their consent with confidence.


Bank selection

Users quickly find their bank : we highlight popular ones and provide a blazing-fast search experience.



App-to-app, web redirection, embedded : our API makes it easy to fine-tune the perfect authentication flow for each use case.


Account selection

Users can select just the bank accounts they wish to share, making our consent flow fully GDPR-compliant.


That’s it!

After the user validates through the bank’s mobile app or SMS code, the user’s identity and IBAN are instantly retrieved.

Powens Console

User-friendly configuration of your domains, client applications, webhooks, and connectors. Complete monitoring of connection statuses.

Create an account and let us guide you
Setup a free sandbox in just a few clicks and use the wizard to easily test our API with real-life scenarios.
Adapt the user flow to maximize success rates. Choose the capabilities and banks to activate.
Check bank sync usage and keep an eye on health status reports.
Visualize key metrics & trends to optimize your Open Finance experience (amounts , users, conversion rates...).

Why Powens?

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