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Lend faster and more fairly

As credit and financial services become more specialised, they’re also becoming more competitive. Open Finance can help you lend faster, more fairly, and with less risk — so you can operate more efficiently, create new orms of embedded credit and finance, and gain a competitive advantage.

Key points

Improve credit scoring

Assess affordability, income, and assets based on real-time behavioural data from accounts and payments. Complement existing credit scoring and risk models.

Get documents & data at the source

Remove the friction of ID, resource verification, and KYC/B processes. It is not possible to tamper with documents or provide out-of-date versions.

Reduce time-to-yes

Improve the experience of loan approval. Capture business faster than the competition.

Simplify repayments

Simplify and reduce the cost of disbursements and repayments. Provide more flexibility and visibility while reducing delinquency.

Allow new forms of financing

Create new consumer and business services, such as buy-now-pay-later, credit-as-a-payment, or revenue-based financing.

“Powens' Open Banking solution is at the heart of our value proposition: fast, flexible online lending. Access to bank account data is fundamental to lending quickly, responsibly and in the right conditions.”
Tristan Grué
Head of French Branch - Riverbank
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