Personal finance management

Create a stronger relationship with your customers

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Create a fuller financial picture

Give your clients the complete picture of their finances in one place. Become the interface they trust to manage their accounts and move their money.

As our lives have moved increasingly online, so has the way we bank. Simplify money management and daily banking by connecting users with all their banking and credit card data, allowing them to easily track bills, create budgets, and manage payments and transfers.

Key points

Stay top of mind

Strengthen the customer relationship by aggregating third-party services within your own.

Provide instant and easy access to accounts

Onboard faster and more securely with reliable connections to all of your customers’ accounts.

Unlock insights

Categorise and analyse data for easier money management. Provide value-added services such as subscription management, or carbon tracking.

Create lifetime value

Use improved customer knowledge to personalise recommendations and optimise every cross-selling opportunity.

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Leading platform

The choice of more than 80% of banks and fintechs in France.

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