Savings coach

Inspire customers to reach their financial goals

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Empower your customers

Allow customers to track their financial goals and take control of their personal finances. 

Build trust and foster healthy customer relationships. Get insight into your clientele’s financial goals. Offer products and services that are more relevant to users’ financial situations and needs. 

Key points

Smarter saving

Give users a clear, actionable view of their finances and spending habits.

Increase opt-in rates

Ensure all user accounts are easy to connect and always available, including accounts and electronic wallets beyond PSD2.

Keep users engaged

Ensure a smoother user experience with optimised onboarding, user confirmation, and secure authentication.

More personalized

Offer more relevant products and services based on improved customer knowledge and preferences.

Increase conversion rates

Make it easy to sign up for financial products and automate commission-free credit transfers.

"We were won over by the bank coverage in France and Europe as well as the very positive feedback from other B2C fintech players who use Powens' solutions.
We were also convinced by the human fit with the teams."
Hugo Salard
Co-founder and CEO - Origame
"It is essential for us to have extremely reliable and efficient AIS and PIS services. That's what Powens brings to us: the ability to connect solidly and the ability to perform transfers in a very simple way."
Cyril Garbois
Co-founder - Cashbee
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