With Bill and Bank, Azopio automates bank reconciliation for VSEs and SMEs
date Nov 09, 2022

Azopio is an online solution that simplifies administrative and financial management for VSEs and SMEs. Powens’ document and banking transaction aggregation technologies are used to automate bank reconciliation and are at the core of Azopio’s system. This service provides a significant productivity gain for businesses.

The need: automate the retrieval of invoices and banking transactions

In 2016, the founders of Azopio came up with the idea of designing a digital solution to automate accounting for VSEs and SMEs.

They developed 3 principal features so as to offer the most comprehensive solution possible:

  • Collect and centralize financial and accounting information automatically, i.e. documents, in particular invoices and bank account flows.
  • Process the information by extracting data such as VAT from the documents collected. The accounting entries are then generated automatically. With access to banking transactions Azopio can perform bank reconciliation.
  • Present the information processed in several formats such as dashboards, reports and charts. The information in these formats can then be passed on to other management tools or to prepare payments.


Azopio sought to build up a network of technology partners. With their partners’ expertise, they wanted to offer the stability necessary for effective administrative and financial management.

So Azopio chose to partner with Powens because of Powens’ expertise in aggregating both documents and banking transactions. 



Azopio platform screenshot


The possibility of operating with agent status was also a key factor setting Powens apart from the rest. Powens enables operations with three statuses: partner, agent and white label. 

With agent status, Azopio uses Powens’ PSD2 accreditation, issued by ACPR. Azopio can thus customize the bank account login interface developed by Powens to match its own visual identity. The advantage is to offer users a seamless and streamlined journey.


“We really liked the idea of benefiting from agent status thanks to Powens. Powens’ PSD2 accreditation enables us to further reassure customers whose sensitive data are used in our solution.”
Seb Peypoux, Co-founder of Azopio


The solution: a unique combination of invoice aggregation and Open Banking 

Bill and Bank products play a key role in the solution.

  • Bill automatically retrieves the documents from suppliers’ portals (energy, telecom suppliers, etc.). No need to connect to the various portals and manually download invoices, tasks that are the starting point for much processing carried out by the solution.
    The solution perfectly complements automatic retrieval from mailboxes and the integration of paper invoices, performed using other technologies developed in-house.
  • Bank collects all banking transactions in real time. This enables customers to reconcile all invoices and associated bank flows.

I absolutely do not regret having chosen Powens. They are THE experts in invoice aggregation in France with their Bill product. I’ve also found that the Bank product has greatly progressed both in terms of coverage and connector stability. Our relations are excellent and our discussions always transparent. ”
Seb Peypoux, Co-founder of Azopio


The results


With bank reconciliation, companies are more productive since this enables them to focus on developing their business.

Azopio is one of the most stable platforms in France. This has been made possible by forging high-quality technology partnerships, among them Powens. The Azopio team can now fully focus on customer service on a daily basis. Indeed Azopio attaches particular importance to being close and attentive to its customers feedback so it can continuously improve its solution.

Figures 2022

  1. over 2,000 customers
  2. 300,000 documents processed each month
  3. 70% revenue growth in 2021


In early 2023, Azopio wants to target new markets, in particular Spain and Italy where Powens has excellent bank coverage. It also wants to create offers dedicated to different business sectors.

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