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Taking transactions further!
date Nov 29, 2023

Bank Advanced: Taking transactions further!


We’ve added value to our first-class offering with a simple yet comprehensive product package

Navigating the technical aspects of bank reconciliation can be a bit tricky. For those who have mastered it, one of the first things they’ll explain is just how much time is spent on matching initial customer invoices to final payments. It takes time and precision to ensure that the transactions in your system match the reconciled payments at the bank.

Having already provided customers with alternative means of automating, scheduling, and managing payments, we realized the importance of offering customers the means to retrieve additional transaction information. We began thinking of the simplest ways to tackle one of accounting’s biggest issues. What if there were a simple way to sort through your transaction details, and all in one place? And, what if it were as simple as, maybe, opening an attachment and automatically receiving the information related to a payment?

This Invoice Attachment Retrieval feature is just one of the exciting new features in our new product: Bank Advanced!

We’ve made managing your transactions easier than ever.

Designed with small business needs in mind, Bank Advanced is a simple yet cutting-edge module that provides a seamless and centralized way to access vital transaction-related files and data in very little time.


Retrieve important transaction-related files and data, such as receipts, invoices, or supporting documents

With Bank Advanced, you now have the added advantage of retrieving invoice attachments of neobank transactions, such as Qonto, Shine, or, and Payment Service Providers (PSP) such as Stripe, Paypal or Sum Up, bringing bank reconciliation to the next level!

But there’s even more. Bank Advanced offers:

Convenient Access: Instantly retrieve attachments and data associated with transactions in your neobank or PSP environment within your accounting or cash management software.

Enhanced Efficiency: Empower your accounting operations by effortlessly collecting proof of invoices from your clients’ employees.

Get additional PSP (Payment Service Providers) connectors, including Stripe, PayPal, and SumUp, all with invoice attachments and related data!

Simplify your financial management, enhance your user experience, and take your accounting operations to the next level with Bank Advanced. Experience the future of transaction management, where convenience and efficiency are at your fingertips. The feature is up and running, and fully operational. Try it out today!



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Myron Manns
Myron Manns
Senior Digital Content Manager