Powens and Ledgity come together to make wealth management and crypto currencies accessible to all
date Sep 20, 2022

Paris, September 20, 2022 – Powens, a major European player in Open Banking and Open Finance, announces its collaboration with Ledgity, the first crypto wealth platform. The fintech company now uses Powens technology to design its application and thus covers the widest range of financial data while ensuring complete security.


Offering a wealth visualization and management service, Ledgity is aimed at individuals and wealth management advisors in a B2B2C model. Registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) with the AMF, Ledgity offers a new service in France: integrating crypto-assets into a global wealth management context. The application consists of a dashboard that provides a complete view of a user’s financial and non-financial assets as well as an integrated platform for exchanging and securing crypto-assets.

From the design phase of Ledgity, it was essential to provide its users with a clear and complete view of their banking, savings, and investment data (securities accounts, life insurance, etc…), in complete security.

With the Bank and Wealth products, Ledgity is now able to deliver on this promise.

Pierre-Yves Dittlot, Founder and CEO of Ledgity, commented: “We make it a point of honor to bring the highest standards of data protection and privacy to our users. Powens, a historical player on the subject of PSD2 and approved by the ACPR, is the partner that truly meets our needs.

Bertrand Jeannet, CEO of Powens, added: “We are very pleased to support Ledgity and help them deliver this innovative service. The need to go beyond PSD2 and payment accounts is getting stronger than ever to serve as many use cases as possible. Our unique ability to recover all financial assets is a considerable asset and sets us apart on the market.”

Ledgity is in the process of raising funds. The company tested the application with a hundred beta testers and has now had close to 1,700 wealth management advisors sign up. Initial feedback is very positive. Powens’ Webview UX – the account login user interface – is highly appreciated, and the application concept, still unfamiliar to the general public, generates a lot of excitement.


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Sébastien Bianco
Sébastien Bianco
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