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Empower finance and treasury with Open Finance

Business finance, treasury, and cash flow management are some of the most acute challenges of businesses both large and small. Take control of all of them with Powens. We make it easy to connect and understand all your financial data, as well as manage your cash position and outlook with reliable, up-to-date financial data straight from the source.

Key points

Make financial decisions with confidence

See and analyse your financials at a glance based on reliable, uninterrupted access to all your financial data.

Gain clear cash visibility

Always know your true cash position and enable more effective cash flow management and forecasting thanks to accurate, up-to-the-minute transactions.

Allow new forms of financing

Create new business-financing services such as capital-as-a-service, revenue-based financing, or instant loans.

Reduce manual errors and cost

Make collecting, categorising, reconciling, and analysing transactions a breeze. No more slow, error-prone manual data processing.

Superior business account coverage

All our business account API connectors are actively maintained for superior reliability. You’ll no longer need to rely on legacy data exchange or manual downloads.

Move funds flexibly

Redeploy funds, settle liabilities, and optimise where you place your cash easily with payment initiation.

“We use Budget Insight’s Bank product in order to synchronize banking transactions flow in real-time. Through this synchronization, our solution performs a bank reconciliation between invoices and transactions of our customers. And that’s not all: access to bank data has enabled us to create a cash management tool which automatically categorizes expenses. ”
Jean-Pierre Ocalan
CTO and co-founder - iPaidThat
Thanks to bank synchronization made possible by the Bank product, we bring our clients a global view of their bank accounts without leaving Sellsy, and an integrated cash management tool."
Clément Deschamps
Product Marketing Manager - Sellsy
Prefooter background

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