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Create the credit experiences that customers prefer.

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Build faster, more efficient credit experiences

Provide fairer, faster, and more innovative credit, payment facilities, and financing solutions for businesses and consumers.

Loan and credit application processes are lengthy, tedious, and often discriminatory. With direct access to financial data and payments at their source, you can make faster, more responsible lending decisions and offer new-generation financing solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

Key points

Shorten time-to-yes

Make application processes easy by collecting documents and data at their source to streamline ID and income verification.

Reduce risk and increase trust

Evaluate affordability based on high-quality, up-to-date, and unfalsifiable financial data. Enhance and improve existing credit scoring, risk, and anti-fraud models.

Simplify payment facilities

Orchestrate commission-free payouts and repayments between accounts, apps, merchants, and credit providers.

Improve personalisation

Offer more relevant services and easier application processes. Give borrowers improved payment visibility and flexibility.

Power innovation

Enable new-generation services such as BNPL, microcredit, credit-as-a-payment, capital-as-a-service, and revenue-based financing.

“The quality of the technology and ease of integration provided by Powens has enabled us to retrieve our customers' banking data in just one day. We now offer a split payment path in less than a minute with the highest acceptance rate in the market.”
Louis Chatriot
CEO - Alma
“With Powens, we can connect to our customer's bank accounts and view their last three bank statements to provide a score. As a result, the loan application process is significantly streamlined and shortened, with a decision provided in less than 24 hours.”
Riadh Alimi
CEO - Finfrog
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