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Colbr Integrates Powens into its Solutions
date Jun 22, 2023

Colbr Integrates Powens into its Solutions, Giving Users Real-Time Tracking of their Entire Financial Savings and Performance Analysis.

Paris, June 20, 2023.

Continuing its mission of “breaking the norms of savings by offering a comprehensive, 100% digital solution,” the fintech Colbr announces its strategic partnership with the pioneering European Open Banking platform and data provider Powens. The collaboration marks a significant step in the field of digital wealth management, offering Colbr users a more comprehensive and transparent experience.

By integrating innovative data aggregation solutions from Powens, Colbr now gives users the ability to track their entire financial savings by analyzing performance and managing fee levels and several additional key aspects of wealth management in real time. Colbr users will now benefit from an intuitive interface, making it a valuable tool among high-income Millennials.

Colbr co-founders Gustav Sonden and Romain Joudelat see great potential in the partnership, saying, “We recognize the benefit of partnering with the best players in the value chain to offer an enhanced, secure user experience. At Colbr, our priority is to provide the very best in investments, tailored to each profile. By leveraging our cumulative experience in asset management, we offer our clients the best tools to achieve their financial goals, and, by partnering with Powens, all our members—whether investors or not—have access to real-time financial tracking, allowing them to make informed financial decisions.

Speaking on the partnership, Powens CEO Bertrand Jeannet states, “We are delighted to contribute to the development of Colbr, a company that has taken a unique position in the fintech field by targeting high-income Millennials. By collaborating with Colbr, we are happy to contribute to creating an interface that meets the expectations of this population group and gives them the tools necessary to manage their finances effectively.

The partnership involves the use of the Wealth data aggregation solution from Powens, which provides detailed data on savings, credits, and user investments. Powens registered over 8 million total synchronized accounts in 2022, including 3 million accounts linked directly to its solution. Connected Wealth account types include 54.2% savings accounts, 9.3% life insurance, and 8.6% loans.

By offering solutions tailored to the specific needs of Millennials, the collaboration between Colbr and Powens taps into emerging high-level investors since their generation will represent 15% of millionaires by 2026 and over 50% by 2036.



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About Colbr

Colbr is a fintech company founded in 2021 dedicated to digital savings, offering a global and digital investment platform. Colbr’s vision is to create an innovative and accessible platform by combining human advice and mastery of technologies to help individuals optimize their investments and achieve their financial goals.
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About Powens

Founded in 2012 in Paris, France as Budget Insight and rebranded in 2022 as Powens, the company is one of the first Open Finance platforms in Europe. The cutting-edge, end-to-end platform empowers over 260 leading financial services companies to automate processes, improve risk management, shorten the time to decisions, and enrich customer insight. The platform makes it possible to access the most accurate financial data from multiple sources such as checking and savings accounts, loans, investments, and assets in a fully-compliant way. It also provides solutions to streamline customer onboarding, enable credit decision-making, and automate invoicing and payments. Powens is a licensed Account Information and Payment Initiation Services provider, operating throughout the EU.

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