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A single API
Unlimited benefits

Our API is built for fast results. Clear docs, user-friendly integration tools and powerful admin features make it simple to go live quickly and securely.

Self-service, production-like sandbox
One data model for 1800+ institutions
REST and OAuth 2.0-compliant
Real-time data push with webhooks
    "accounts": [
            "id": 53185,
            "type": "checking",
            "name": "Current EUR",
            "balance": 1424.97,
            "last_update": "2022-07-28 11:55:41",
            "iban": "EX6713000000000300290004576",
            "bic": "CDTBFRBIXXX",
            "disabled": null,
            "currency": {
                "id": "EUR",
                "name": "Euro",
                "symbol": "€",
                "...": "..."
            "id": 53895,
            "type": "checking",
            "name": "Current USD",
            "balance": 1424.97,
            "last_update": "2022-07-28 11:55:41",
            "iban": "EX6713000000000300290007643",
            "bic": "CDTBFRBIXXX",
            "disabled": null,
            "currency": {
                "id": "USD",
                "name": "USD",
                "symbol": "€",

Build better financial,

payments apps and services.

A single API and unified development environment to initiate payments and aggregate all the financial data & documents you need.

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Fully compliant

Out-of-the box PSD2 
and GDPR-compliant connectivity and user consent flows.

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& analytics

Keep updated on usage and health metrics with Console dashboards.

Secure, scalable infrastructure icon
Secure, scalable infrastructure

Powens’ infrastructure handles hundreds of millions of API calls monthly for major European banks.

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Dedicated expert support

Tech support & CSM teams with years of Open Banking experience to make each use case a success.

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